This page documents the Telegram chat groups in the wider FOSS@RIT community.


There are different types of roles recommended for FOSS@RIT Telegram groups. The Creator/Owner role is defined by Telegram. The Admin and Moderator roles are custom roles commonly used in the FOSS@RIT community.


The original creator of a group retains full permissions as Owner. This includes full discretion to change group settings (including the public URL), add new admins, moderate chat, and more. This role is created by Telegram itself and will always exist. The group owner role persists even if the owner leaves and returns to the group later.

Group ownership is transferrable. If a group creator is no longer involved in the FOSS@RIT community, it is a good idea to transfer ownership to someone actively involved with FOSS@MAGIC.

At time of writing, the following group settings are only changeable by the Owner:

  1. Public username / group URL

  2. Visibility of chat history for new members (visible or hidden)


Admins are users with full permissions to change all settings of a group. Admins are appointed by the Owner or other Admins. They should have all permissions to fully manage the group:

  1. Change group info

  2. Delete messages

  3. Ban users

  4. Invite users via link

  5. Pin messages

  6. Add new admins

  7. No custom title

Screenshot from Telegram Desktop when adding a new admin to a group


Moderators are users with permissions to moderate the group chat, but not modify group information and settings. Moderators are appointed by the Owner or other Admins. They should have the following permissions:

  1. Delete messages

  2. Ban users

  3. Invite users via link

  4. Custom title: Moderator

Screenshot from Telegram Desktop when adding a new moderator to a group

List of known groups

The following is a list of known Telegram groups associated with FOSS@RIT:

Name URL Last known Owner
FOSS@MAGIC LibreCorps @librecorps @jwflory
FOSS RIT @fossrit @jwflory
FOSS RIT Tech Team @fossrit_techteam @jwflory
RIT Python @rit_python @jwflory
RITlug @ritlug @Tjzabel
RITlug/teleirc Users and Developers @teleirc @jwflory
TigerOS @rit_tigeros @nlMeminger