FOSS@RIT Tech Team

This page explains what the FOSS@RIT Tech Team is, the responsibilities of the team, and where to contact the Tech Team.

What is Tech Team?

The FOSS@RIT Tech Team is a group of FOSS@MAGIC staff, RIT faculty, students, and alums who support the infrastructure and digital services of the FOSS@RIT community. The Tech Team was launched in Spring 2020, as part of an open call for volunteers for FOSS@MAGIC. The team is volunteer-driven and loosely under the leadership of FOSS@MAGIC staff.

For information about joining the Tech Team, see Joining Tech Team.


Generally, the FOSS@RIT Tech Team assists with these areas:

  • Infrastructure management and administration (more info in Infrastructure and services of the Runbook)
  • Software development
  • Peer reviews (on code/infrastructure pull requests)
  • Early access to FOSS@MAGIC technology experiments


Examples of projects the Tech Team focuses on are listed below:

  • FOSSRIT/foss-profiles: Generate a web page for FOSS@RIT community members from YAML profiles
  • FOSSRIT/ Official website for Free and Open Source Software @ RIT MAGIC Center and FOSS academia
  • FOSSRIT/infrastructure: Set of scripts, Ansible playbooks/roles, and other tools to automate and manage FOSS@MAGIC infrastructure
  • FOSSRIT/runbook: Documentation and information about the Free and Open Source community at RIT, facilitated by RIT MAGIC Center
  • RITlug/teleirc: Telegram <=> IRC bridge for use with any IRC channel and Telegram group


The FOSS@RIT Tech Team is on Discourse, IRC, and Telegram. Come say hi!