Responsibilities and contacts

This page documents administrative responsibility and contact information for the FOSS@RIT community. Generally, there are two separate entities: FOSS@RIT and FOSS@MAGIC.


FOSS@RIT usually means the wider free/open source community at RIT. This includes organizations and groups such as the following:

However, the FOSS@RIT identity is not exclusive. It is not “owned” by any single group or organization. Generally, anyone who works in free/open communities at RIT, not limited to software, is included in this identity.

See Prof. Deejoe’s blog post with suggestions on how to get involved with the FOSS@RIT community: Joining RIT@FOSS


Responsibilities associated with the FOSS@RIT community are typically on a volunteer basis and informal. This list is not exhaustive and will change over time, as older folks move on and new folks get involved.

Community contacts

The table below documents who the best person to contact is for different parts of the FOSS@RIT community:

Responsibility Name Handle/Nickname Preferred contact method
IRC channels Justin or Joe jwf, dzho IRC or email
Matrix chat rooms Justin jwf Email
Telegram groups Varies See Telegram
Discourse Justin jwf Email
FOSSRIT GitHub Justin, Mike, or SJ jwf, nolski, itprofjacobs Email (foss [at] rit [dot] edu)


FOSS@MAGIC is the Free/Open Source Software initiative at the RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction, and Creativity (MAGIC). More details about FOSS@MAGIC are available on the official website. Anything associated with FOSS@MAGIC is directly connected to RIT and the MAGIC Center.


Responsibilities associated with FOSS@MAGIC are typically related to accounting or event organization. This list is not exhaustive, but should remain fairly consistent as most of these responsibilities are associated to paid faculty and staff of RIT:

  • Accounting
    • Domain names (e.g.,
    • Infrastructure services (e.g. DigitalOcean)
  • Event organizing
    • Booking rooms/space for meetings (e.g. FOSS Hours, TeleIRC developer meetings)
    • Ordering food/beverages

MAGIC contacts

The best points of contact for FOSS@MAGIC are Prof. Stephen Jacobs and Brenda Schlageter. Jacobs is the formal head of the FOSS@MAGIC initiative, while Schlageter is the Operations Manager of the MAGIC Center. The best way to get in touch with FOSS@MAGIC staff is via email.

Send an email to the below address to get in contact (obfuscated to reduce spam from web-scraper bots):

foss [at] rit [dot] edu