This page documents the use of a shared Namecheap account for FOSS@MAGIC. This account is used to purchase and renew web domains associated with our community.


Unlike other services, a single, shared account is used for FOSS@MAGIC. A single password is shared among FOSS@MAGIC payroll staff and some Tech Team volunteers to manage the account. The account is registered to the foss [at] rit [dot] edu address. Currently, this grants login access to the following people:

Registered domains

This section documents what domains are registered to the account and any active Domain Managers associated to a domain. Domain Managers are other Namecheap accounts with some rights to manage and configure domains. This is one way to share access to a domain without sharing the password to the primary account.

../../_images/namecheap-registered-domains.pngScreenshot of registered domains in primary Namecheap account, as of 2020 Feb. 20

  • Expiration: 2025 Jan. 8

The domain is associated with the Discourse forums and this Runbook. Currently there is one Domain Manager:

../../_images/namecheap-fossrit-community-managers.pngScreenshot of Domain Managers for, as of 2020 Feb. 20

  • Expiration: 2022 May 7

The domain is associated with the TeleIRC project managed by the RIT Linux Users Group. This domain is managed by FOSS@MAGIC as a service to RITlug, since TeleIRC is an important part of the FOSS@RIT community infrastructure (see Chat bridges). Currently there are two Domain Managers:

../../_images/namecheap-teleirc-com-managers.pngScreenshot of Domain Managers for, as of 2020 Feb. 20


FOSS@MAGIC covers the expenses for the domain renewals on as needed. Namecheap is set up with automatic renewal to the RIT MAGIC Center via an RIT-managed credit card.