IRC (Freenode)

This page documents the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) infrastructure for the FOSS@RIT community. Currently, this only includes our presence on the Freenode IRC network.

Project registration



Cloaks are a type of “host mask” that replaces your IP address in IRC clients with a custom string of text. The IRC protocol exposes your IP address or hostname by default when you join a channel. When you authenticate with IRC’s NickServ, a cloak replaces your IP address/hostname with the custom string.

Note that Freenode does not support the underscores (_) in cloaks. Other non-alphanumeric characters may also not be supported and will be omitted from the cloak.

Request a cloak

In order to receive a cloak, you must have completed the following steps:

  1. Register your nick with NickServ
  2. Set an email address with NickServ
  3. Created an alternate nick and linked it to primary nick with NickServ

If you have not completed these steps, Freenode will not allow us to create your cloak. For help doing these things, check out the Nickname Registration help page on Freenode’s website.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can request a new cloak. Request a cloak by opening a new issue on the FOSSRIT/tasks repository.

Available cloaks

Members of the RIT community may choose from the following cloaks:


  • @rit/student/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/professor/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/faculty/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/alumnus/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/alumna/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/alum/<your IRC nick>


Cloaks for the RIT FOSS community.

  • @rit/foss/student/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/foss/faculty/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/foss/alumnus/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/foss/alumna/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/foss/alum/<your IRC nick>


Cloaks for the RIT Linux Users Group.

  • @rit/ritlug/member/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/ritlug/alumnus/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/ritlug/alumna/<your IRC nick>
  • @rit/ritlug/alum/<your IRC nick>

Granted cloaks

The table below is a list of community members who were issued IRC cloaks.

Real name NickServ account RIT computer account Cloak
Justin W. Flory jflory7 jwf9260 @rit/foss/captain/fedora.jflory7
Chris Bitler VoidWhisperer crb2547 @rit/foss/student/voidwhisperer
Adam Hayes moondoggy abhsps @rit/alum/moondoggy
Jennifer Herting qwertos @rit/alumna/qwertos
Mike Nolan Nolski mpn3712 @rit/foss/alumnus/nolski
Nate Levesque thenaterhood ngl3477 @rit/alum/thenaterhood
Aidan Kahrs axk4545 axk4545 @rit/ritlug/member/axk4545
Matt Soucy msoucy mas5997 @rit/foss/alumnus/msoucy
Wilfried Hounyo wilfriedE weh7221 @rit/student/wilfriede
Brendan McGeever sacratoy btm4810 @rit/foss/student/sacratoy
Kevin M. Granger KevinMGranger kmg2728 @rit/foss/alum/kevinmgranger
Christian Martin ctmartin ctm2142 @rit/foss/student/ctmartin