This page documents the use of the network and Riot chat client in the FOSS@RIT community. Matrix is a decentralized chat network while Riot is one (of many) possible clients for participating in the chat network.

How we use Matrix

Matrix is convenient for us because it offers compatibility with existing IRC networks, such as Freenode. Since the FOSS@RIT community was established on Freenode in 2010, we have a historical presence on IRC (see IRC (Freenode)). Matrix/Riot provides a modern user interface in a chat client and integrates nicely into existing IRC channels. Many FOSS@RIT community members use the Matrix network, but can communicate seamlessly with IRC channels.

For help using Matrix/Riot, refer to the following links:

RIT community

In 2017, announced communities, a feature that groups rooms and users together (similar to a Slack team or a Discord server). (Note eventually this will be replaced by Groups-as-Rooms.) There is a RIT community on the homeserver: (view on Riot).

Screenshot of Communities button in web clientScreenshot of Communities button in web client

The RIT community is owned by At the time of writing, it is not possible to add other admins to communities.

Known rooms

The following is a list of all known Matrix rooms related to RIT or the FOSS@RIT community.

Name Room address
RIT FOSS Infrastructure
RIT Free and Open Source
RIT LibreCorps
RIT Linux Users Group
RIT Python
RIT Sustainability Chat
RIT Sustainability Events
RITlug community projects
Rochester Institute of Technology