This page documents the DigitalOcean team and infrastructure used for FOSS@MAGIC.


There is a FOSS @ RIT MAGIC team registered in DigitalOcean’s admin interface. The DigitalOcean team is a shared group of accounts with direct access to the DigitalOcean Droplets:

../../_images/digitalocean-project.pngScreenshot of default DigitalOcean project from admin interface, shared among members of the FOSS @ RIT MAGIC team


Currently, three people have access to the shared FOSS @ RIT MAGIC DigitalOcean team:

  • Brenda Schlageter
  • Justin W. Flory
  • Stephen Jacobs

../../_images/digitalocean-team-members.pngScreenshot of FOSS @ RIT MAGIC team members from DigitalOcean admin interface


FOSS@MAGIC covers the expenses for the Droplets on a monthly basis. This is set up with automatic billing to the RIT MAGIC Center via an RIT-managed credit card.


Droplets are the billable “unit” in DigitalOcean. They represent a specific service or server.


Currently, only one service is hosted as a DigitalOcean Droplet:

The Discourse Droplet is configured with automatic snapshot backups, taken once a week:

../../_images/digitalocean-droplet-backups.pngScreenshot of Discourse Droplet backup configuration and history of recent backups in DigitalOcean admin interface